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The ability to leave feedback for us was only added in June, 2016.  Please feel free to leave feedback for us regarding our fish and service . . . others would love to hear what you think!

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Alonso Ortiz - Denver, CO
Sep 19, 2017
I Truly Could Not Be Happier!
I ordered 4 German Blue Rams and I truly could not be happier. The communication from these guys is insane, they truly care about their fish and want them to be happy instead of trying to make a quick buck. They send information with every order to make sure that the customer is happy and is prepared for the fish they will receive. And most importantly the fish are stunning they all look healthy and fine and are looking wonderful in my tank. Would not buy German Blue Rams from anyone other than these guys highly recommend.
Lauren C - Washington, MI
Sep 15, 2017
All the Fish Arrived Alive and Healthy!!!
I ordered 6 fish and I got 9 fish and the paper in the box said I was getting the 6. I ordered plus two and somehow I got three!!! So happy thank you so much! I really am inspired by your story how you first got involved in fish and how you started your business!!!
Brian M - Xenia, OH
Sep 10, 2017
Great experience! Fish arrived happy and healthy started eating right away. Never had updates on an order like they gave me. I will be a repeating customer and have already told friends about them.
Kevin - Essex VT
Aug 28, 2017
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent experience. Have bought fish from SomeFin'sFishy before. All fish arrived alive and healthy. Excellent customer service as well. Would not hesitate to recommend .....
Joe VH- Dallas, TX
Aug 28, 2017
Matt and Mark Have Shown Great Care in Breeding, Raising, Packing and Shipping!
Again Matt and Mark have shown great care in breeding, raising, packing and shipping my little rams. Got 'em Friday around two they were colored up and eating by 8. Now Sunday evening and every single one is doing great. Its always a pleasure to shop at Somefinsfishy.

Joe in Texas
Jon - Houston, TX
Aug 24, 2017
What an Excellent Experience!
What an Excellent Experience. This was my first On-Line fish purchase and I couldn't be Happier! I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive doing this for the first time and when my fish didn't arrive till after 6 pm, I was worried that these HOT 100 degree days in the Mail would do them in. However, All fish arrived Happy, Well Packed and in Great Condition! A day later and they are doing well in there New Home! Best part of the experience was the Communication. The team emailed prior to shipment, after shipment and followed up to make sure they all made it safely. Thanks for an Awesome Transaction. I will definitely buy Again!
Paul W. - Bunker Hill, IL
Aug 24, 2017
Great looking fish all arrived healthy and fast
Roger - Madisonville,Tn
Aug 04, 2017
The Customer Service Doesn't Get Any Better!
Excellent Transaction. 100% satisfied with the whole order. Healthy fish, great communication, no DOA'S, and the customer service doesn't get any better. Will do business again.
Joe - Warren, MI
Aug 04, 2017
Fast Delivery and Remarkable Packaging
I was skeptical about the bags they use at first was very hesitant about my purchase. I bit the bullet and made a purchase. These guys kept me informed by email from the purchase all the way to the delivery. My fish came and were swimming around gracefully in their little temporary homes. If i didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. Sealed bags with no way for air to get in. I was told these fish can live for up to a week in these bags. I kinda believe it but wouldn't want to see it done. My fish are now in their permanent tank and doing just fine. It's day three and they are eating like little hogs. Cant wait to see them start growing. Mark and Matt, you guys rock, I will be purchasing again in the future. I keep my fingers crossed that you expand your inventory of discus. Keep up the great work.
Joe- Tualatin, Oregon
Aug 03, 2017
Customer Service is the Best.
Matt & Mark are awesome got the new babies today, packing was fantastic. Discus are in great shape. 100% pleased with the discus. I will be ordering more from Matt & Mark. Customer service is the best. Great communication can"t get any better. Thank you guys so much!!!!!
Bill - Plymouth, MN
Jul 28, 2017
The Whole Transaction was Perfect From Start to Finish!
Fish arrived 24 hours ago, no DOA's. They have settled in nicely and are looking hungry. The whole transaction was perfect from start to finish. SomeFinsFishy is a top notch communicator.
Sharon Benhart - Bangor, MI
Jul 25, 2017
Excellent Packaging and Shipping!
Just got my discus.Very happy with them.Excellent packaging and shipping. They have a good communication skill you can ask them anything and they always get back to you. if anyone is looking for discus at a good price and good shipping rates, I would highly recommend them. Once again thank you Matt and Mark.
Omar Pineda - Chicago, IL
Jul 23, 2017
They Got Here Looking Amazing!
Thank u very much for the discus they are looking great they got here looking amazing thank u
Christophe Landry - Westbrook, CT
Jul 23, 2017
All fish Were Healthy and Acclimated Well.
I ordered 4 German Blue Rams a couple of weeks ago from Somefinsfishy and received them safely the following week. All fish were healthy and acclimated well to their new community. Mark Fleischhauer checked up on their well-being the day they arrived and was very kind and courteous.
Brenda Adams- New Oxford, PA
Jul 22, 2017
I am over 100% pleased with their wonderful fish!!!
After a long debate. I ordered some fish from Mark and Matt let me tell u I am over 100% pleased with their wonderful fish!!! Quick shipping great prices very helpful understanding and friendly people to work with! I will be buying from them again and I highly recommend them to everyone! A+++++
Kim Tam- New Boston, OH
Jul 21, 2017
Customer Service is the Best.
Nice healthy fish. Customer service is the best. Great communication can"t get any better. Very pleased
Jul 20, 2017
Great fish keep you informed at all times A+ do plan on buying again from them. thanks
Bill Egan - WI
Jul 16, 2017
Great Guys and Great Fish!
Drove to the shop and enjoyed it all.Great guys and great fish. Very helpful and obviously know what they're doing. I now have 7 discuss puppies that are eating in their new home in less than 4 hours. I highly recommend them.
Morgan Anderson - Springville, UT
Jul 14, 2017
Absolutely Awesome.
Can't say enough good things. Communication on the front end was top notch. Ordering seamless. Communication of shipping expectations was great. Packaging is the best Ive seen. Ordered 12 fish, all arrived healthy and eating right away. They even ask for a follow up email if the fish are healthy simply for their own peace of mind. Absolutely awesome.
Charles Dill - Houston, TX
Jul 14, 2017
They've got their packing technique down to an art!
One of the best experiences I've had purchasing discus on the internet. Ordered 14 fish, all arrived healthy and were begging for food within 24hrs. They've got their packing technique down to an art. Every aspect of the transaction was clearly communicated through delivery and follow-up. I would happily order from these guys again. Thanks!
Darren Law, Encino, CA
Jul 02, 2017
These Guys Represent the Gold Standard!
Beautiful Fish, Superb Customer Service, These guys represent the Gold Standard!
Frank Annunziata - New York, NY
Jun 29, 2017
You Can Count on Excellent Customer Service
Matt & Mark are the very best that there is. You can count on excellent customer service and superior products. These guys are with you from the beginning of your tropical shopping experience to the very end when your newly purchased pets are delivered to your home. I can't say enough about how superior their service is and the quality of their products, They are highly recommended and you won't regret it. Thanks so much.
Matthieu Fortin - Springfield, IL:
Jun 29, 2017
Best of the Best!
A really great experience all around. I highly recommend these guys. Best of the best! Thanks again and can't wait to place more orders :-)
Doug W - Gaston, SC
Jun 11, 2017
Great Experience All Around!
Fish were expertly packed and all arrived healthy. Great experience all around!
Ka Yang - St. Paul, MN
May 31, 2017
ALL My Discus Love Eating It!
Earlier this year in April, I purchased some discus and beef heart, and let me just say that ALL my discus love eating it! I've tried San Francisco Bay and Hikari but both brands were ignored by my discus. Needless to say, I will continue to order!
Dan K. - Cleveland, TN
May 26, 2017
We Will Definitely be Using Them Again for More Fish Purchases
Received the fish we ordered today. They were packed very well, and in very good and healthy condition upon arrival. We will definitely be using them again for more fish purchases.
Mark G.- Port Byron, IL
May 25, 2017
Excellent and Healthy Fish
Excellent and healthy fish - exactly what I was looking for (tap water raised discus). The transaction could not have gone better - excellent communication, fast shipping. My questions were all happily answered and the fish are exceptional! Thank you!
Maricela-Chicago, IL
May 23, 2017
They Put Their Customer Service Satisfaction to a Whole New Level.
Mark and Matt are amazing they put their customer service satisfaction to a whole new level. I am amazed on how they take care of their fish, amazing Healthy fish. I am a very happy customer, no doubt you will see me again ;)
Glenn Evans - Christiansburg, VA
May 19, 2017
100% Guarantee You Will be Happy With the Quality of Their Fish
I have purchased discus and rams from Mark and Matt. They are hands down the best in the business. 100% guarantee you will be happy with quality of fish and their outstanding service.
Sam Black- Montgomery, IL
May 14, 2017
Absolutely the Best Service There Is!
Absolutely the best service there is. Fast shipping happy healthy fish. Super fast responses and very knowledgeable. Won't buy from anywhere else except Mark and Matt!! Thanks again guys!!!
Ken Miller - Leo, IN
May 11, 2017
28 Fish received all in perfect health, thriving REMARKABLY outstanding. I offer this, very reasonable in fact out ranks any other online breeder enthusiast out there. I definitely will be a regular customer. Many thanks Matt & Mark
Kevin Rheaume - Essex Junction, VT
May 11, 2017
Great service and great fish.
Great service and great fish. I would recommend them to anyone. I have bought from them in the past and will buy from them in the future.
Jessica Anderson- Mayer, AZ
Apr 17, 2017
A+++ Guys keep it up!
I bought some rams from Somefin'sfishy this last week... they arrived safe, alive and thriving. no defects. no ich... i ran across this site in my google searching and I'm glad i did.. you never know what you get when purchasing live animals online.. they are definitely the best! i will definitely be back for future purchases! A+++ Guys keep it up!
Steven Simon - Clinton, Ohio
Apr 12, 2017
I Give the Whole Experience a 10!
Great fish,Great communication and Great prices. I will be ordering again here soon in the near future. i give the whole experience a 10. Tthx again matt and mark
Steve McKenney - Tiskilwa, IL
Apr 08, 2017
This Was as Near Perfect Experience as I Have Ever Had With an Online Purchase.
Have you ever ordered something on the internet and thought, "I wonder if they got my order?" That is something that did not happen with SomeFinsFishy. I felt like I made a friend from when the order was placed to when it arrived. Mark was very helpful with questions, change of shipping address and even made suggestions to make their new home perfect. I guarantee you will may never have a sales experience quite like the one Mark provided. I have already sent pictures to them of the fish in their new home and I couldn't be happier. This was as near perfect experience as I have ever had with an online purchase.

George Vang - Mankato, MN
Apr 07, 2017
They Are Really Great and Provide Excellent Services.
First time buying from these guys. They are really great and provide excellent services. They emailed me to let me know when my fishes would arrive. Would do business again with them!
Yeng H. - Sun Prairie, WI
Apr 06, 2017
I Couldn't Ask for Better Juvenile Discus.
My experience with Mark and Matt was great. I could tell that they take great care of their fishes, as well as offer great customer service. They go above and beyond to make sure the fishes arrive safe and sound. I ordered 4 juvenile discus. First they were shy (which was expected), but now they're starting to be active and show coloration. I couldn't ask for better juvenile discus.
Stephen L - Whitewater, WI
Apr 05, 2017
My Experience With Mark and Matt Has Been Nothing But Great.
From the get go my experience with Mark and Matt has been nothing but great. The fish arrive in great shape and I loved the extra fish. I will be doing all my business with them in the future.
Buy from them, you will not regret it.
Julie Callaway - Fremont, NE
Apr 03, 2017
You guys have the nicest looking rams that I've ever seen!
My fish are doing well. These fish I'm ordering are for my dads aquarium. You guys have the nicest looking rams that I've ever seen!
Nathan- Jonesborough, TN.
Mar 27, 2017
I Have Rarely Had This Great of Customer Service.
While I am newer to ordering fish online one thing is for sure, Matt and Mark are running an amazing company. I have rarely had this great of customer service from any store, not limited to fish. As far as their fish and prices, you won't find better. If you have the patience to grow your discus out you will be well rewarded. Buying from Somefin's Fishy will cost you about a fourth the price of other companies. Plus they added an extra discus to my order of 5, that's an (soon to be) extra value of $50-60!! If you are considering looking for discus online (as an amateur or expert) look no further. While I didn't have any DOA's, Somefin's Fishy not only offers money back but also shipping refunded. Something no other company does.

P.S Do not get this company confused with "Something's Phishy out of Florida
Jeffrey - Miami, FL
Mar 27, 2017
You Can Tell They Care About Their Fish and Customers
Amazing service the whole time. I was waiting for some rams to grow out. You can tell they care about their fish and customers as well as explaining everything you need to know. Definitely going to buy from them again in the future!
Tina - Peoria, IL
Mar 11, 2017
Excellent Communication from Time of Sale to Delivery
Received my blue rams last week. They were incredibly well packaged with styrofoam insulation and a small "heater" that was still warm after 2 days in transit. Excellent communication from time of sale to delivery. All fish appear well adjusted to their new home, eating well and exploring. Will definitely recommend Matt and Mark with no reservations.
Mar 10, 2017
My fish arrived well and are doing great!
I had great Communication with Matt and Mark they were both very helpful.
My fish arrived well and are doing great! I will be ordering from them again!!
Bree Marie - Elkhorn, WI
Mar 05, 2017
Beautiful Fish, and all at Great Prices!
Family owned and operated, they were so friendly and knowledgeable! Great set-up, beautiful fish, and all at great prices! We will definitely be buying from them again
Greg Gwiazdon - Landsdale, PA
Mar 01, 2017
The best fish hobbyists and breeders
The best fish hobbyists and breeders Matt and Mark & entire team did a great job again ,about 2 weeks ago i ordered 8 fish on very cold day i live in Pa near Philly all the fish came healthy, warm, and well packed and they were eating crushed tetra flakes the same day. Now they graduated to hikari blood worms their favorite.They are doing grate.This is my second shipment from, and tomorrow I'm getting 3rd shipment with Diamond Blue discus .I cant wait .PLEASE Do NOT CONFUSE THIS SITE WITH (SOMETHINGSPHISHY.COM) Thank you again i will let You know when the fish get to me thanks.
Eric Reid - Rosemont, IL
Feb 15, 2017
The best in the Business!
If you live nearby, they are definitely worth a visit. I planned on just picking up a few fish for my tank, but stayed for about an hour grilling Mark with questions that he was happy to answer. Not only are the fish exceptional, but don't overlook the beef heart mixture they sell. I bought some Blue rams for myself and a friend. Not only are mine bigger but the colors on mine pop like saltwater fish. The only difference between my tank and his is this food. It’s worth having shipped fed ex if Mark isn’t close by. Can’t wait to get a few more discus for my tank!
Tim Ainsworth - IL
Feb 10, 2017
These Guys Are Doing It Right!
Came to visit mark and his fish room to pick up some Rams. What an operation! These guys are doing it right. All tanks were crystal clean, Discus breeders were huge and fry in all the tanks look great. Purchased 6 Rams from Mark and he threw one in for free. All Rams are doing great! Had 2 separate pairs by the end of the week already starting breeding displays. I will be back to visit in awhile to pick out some Discus
Greg Gwiazdon- Lansdale, PA
Feb 09, 2017
Super Excellent Service!
I want to say super excellent service i live in PA near Philly. The 12 Discus fish i ordered they came alive the same day after i put them in my aquarium they started eating right away i have them now for about month and 1.2 now they are about 3 inches i'm going to order some more today and can't wait for Diamond Blue to be ready I'm gonna order 6 . Good job and THANKS.A++++
R. Speckin - Henderson, NV
Feb 08, 2017
Excellent Service and Communication
Excellent Service and communication. Great pricing and very nice quality discus. Definitely recommend giving Matt and Mark a look if you are in the market for discus!
Chuck Janisch - Chicago, IL
Feb 08, 2017
Clean, Clean Operation
Pleasure to work with Matt & Mark. Clean, clean operation. Happy with my Discus and Rams :)
C.J. Krok- South Carolina
Jan 27, 2017
Can't say enough
Can't say enough; Contacted the guys a couple of times about shipping some fish to south carolina and in the end decided to drive up to Chicago, see the grand kids and buy some fish while there,,,or so the wife was told,,,when seeing the guy's tank room and gorgeous fish I told Mark to give me 10 discus, two each of whatever was ready to go, Mark was nice enough to throw in 2 extras..750 miles, new tank, these fish never sulked, feeding like crazy with no signs of any stress at all. You can tell Mark and Matt care about these fish above an beyond just breeding and selling..Absolutely can not go wrong with the beautiful, healthy fish.
J Stewart - Kankakee, IL
Jan 22, 2017
Easy Folks to Deal With
Excellent customer service . Easy folks to deal with . My fish arrived on time and in excellent condition . I will order again when the time is right .
Juan Arias - Chicago, IL
Jan 19, 2017
I am Amazed by the Excellent Customer Service
I am amazed by the excellent customer service Mark provided and even more amazed by how well packaged my orders arrived. Ordered 2 discus juvies and 3 lbs of beefheart. The juvies are beautiful and healthy even at nickel size. The beefheart mix is top quality stuff, we'll prepared and packaged. My fish absolutely went crazy for it. I will definitely order beefheart mix exclusively from in the future.
Thanks again,
Tim Grandziel- Fox Lake, IL
Jan 01, 2017
Could Not be Happier With the Fish I Get!
Amazing discus and beefheart, could not be happier with the fish i get, they do a great job breeding discus
Cary Newsome- Kill Devil Hills, NC
Nov 28, 2016
Professional Hobbyists is an Under Statement
Do not hesitate to buy from these guys! Professional hobbyists is an under statement. Ordered 2 blue rams, which were delayed during shipping for 6 days. Due to their incredible stock and superior packaging, the fish arrived alive and are thriving. These guys are pros and I will be ordering more fish from them after new years.
Jack Cullison - Vinton, LA
Nov 26, 2016
Thank You Again for Your A + CUSTOMER SERVICE
All fish are MAGNIFICENT. 6 Blue German Rams ( 1 long fin) all are exceptional. Will be purchasing Discus in January. Thank you again for your A + CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will be purchasing Discus in the near future
Mark V.- Knoxville,TN
Nov 19, 2016
They were all just as well packed and shipped with the same professionalism and care!
Lucky for me I was searching the web one day for rams and came across and placed my first online order of fish. When they arrived I was very pleased with how colorful they were right out of the box. I have since placed two more orders more rams and most recently my first electric blue Acaras and they were all just as well packed and shipped with the same professionalism and care. I knew every step in the shipping process thanks to the detailed emails I received up until the time they were on my porch. I will definitely continue recommend to anyone looking for cichlids. I look forward to my next order (discus maybe).
Debbie Black-Glen Carbon, IL
Nov 18, 2016
Healthy beautiful babies!
Healthy beautiful babies. I've place 3 orders strung out over a year or two. Good service. As soon as these are big enough to move to larger tank, I'll order more.
John Li - Chicago, IL
Oct 28, 2016
Your Beefheart Mix is Absolutely the Best!
It was nice to meet with you last week at your house. The 5 discus I picked up from you are doing great and your beefheart mix is absolutely the best.
Ryne Dudek-IL
Oct 17, 2016
Amazing fish and quality!
Amazing fish and quality!! Great and fast service, both times I called for fish I was able to pick them up the same day. I will be buying plenty more fish, such a great selection to.
Julie-Hermiston, OR
Oct 06, 2016
Beautiful, healthy fish!
Contacted Mark through email, very impressed with his willingness to answer my many questions! Placed and order and after three very long stressful days (for me, apparently not the fish) I received my order. Beautiful, healthy fish! Will definitely order from them again.
Jeff and Sherry - Lincoln, IL
Sep 29, 2016
Very Impressed With Their Facility, Knowledge and Willingness to Spend One on One Time Speaking With Us
I contacted Mark and Matt after seeing this site. To my surprise they answered the phone immediately and invited us to visit their hatchery. We were impressed with their openness of the invitation so we made the trek to Chicago. Mark and Matt spent approximately two hours showing us their facility and talking with us. Being very impressed with their facility, knowledge and willingness to spend one on one time speaking with us, we purchased well over 100 fish in discus and rams. We were able to see the fish from laying eggs to wrigglers, to fry and juveniles as well as the breeders. We took our fish home and 4 days in we have not had one loss. Thank you guys for the visit, quality fish and the time you spent with us. We will return for more fish and the good service. Thanks Guys, keep up the good work!
Pete M - IL
Sep 06, 2016
I will definitely be a return customer!!
I had an opportunity to visit your home base, and was truly impressed! Your set ups, and systems are top notch. After talking with you, it's obvious I'm talking with true fish lovers and it shows in the care I witnessed while there. I purchased 3 Blue Diamond Rams while there. All 3 are doing great and assimilated to their new home with no issues at all. Healthy bold and ready to eat in only a short time the same day.They are great additions to my tank. Thank you so much for you interest in my questions and information you provided! I will definitely be a return customer!!
Tracy & Cheryl - Moses Lake, WA
Sep 01, 2016
The Communication was Fantastic
This was our first internet fish order and Matt and Mark made it a very pleasant one. The communication was fantastic and the fish arrived in great shape. The fish are just beautiful and much nicer then any long fin Rams we had traveled to see in the Northwest. Thanks so much Cheryl and I will order from you again soon.
Adam Harness - Lorain, OH
Aug 31, 2016
Shipping Was Great, Everything Came Packaged Great and Neat
I ordered 5 checkerboards and 5 yellow-red melons. I put in a inquiry on the melons as they weren't ready yet. As soon as they became ready I received a text message letting me know they were ready. I was able to have them held for me for 7 days. Shipping was great, everything came packaged great and neat. The heat pack was cold but it was nice out so no big deal. I did the drop and plop method for my order and they have adjusted fine. They are already eating during the first day. Overall a very great experience. I can tell these people care about their fish from the customer service to the way they package.
danielscott52 - Winchester, KY
Aug 24, 2016
Much Better Quality Than What I Can Get at Local Pet Stores
First time I've ordered from Somefins Fishy, but have ordered fish online before with other places with mixed results, but Somefins Fishy goes above and beyond with the care and effort they put into their fish and their packaging. I ordered 6 Rams ,and they arrived in great shape! Even a bonus Ram was thrown in for good measure! Thank you!!! I took my time to acclimate them and within an hour of them being added to the tank they looked right at home and are doing wonderful. I highly recommend Somefin Fishy and their German Rams. Much better quality than what I can get at local pet stores. Will definitely be ordering again! Awesome job Somefin Fishy!!!
Paul - Shorewood, IL
Aug 11, 2016
Attention to Detail in Every Aspect
This is the first time I've ordered from some fins fishy and I will be ordering again. Attention to detail in every aspect up to delivery and even after and the extra fish was a great surprise for my daughter thnx mark and matt keep up the great work!
Justin - Tijeras, NM
Jul 25, 2016
Attn to Detail and Response Times are Amazing
I've now ordered 2 shipments of discus and both orders have been healthy and active. shipping has been great and attn to detail and response times are amazing.
Jeff - Milwaukee, WI
Jul 24, 2016
The Results Were Amazing
I just received a shipment of beefheart and fed my discus with it and the results were amazing within a hour after feeding them there colors just popped not to mention lhey went crazy for it
Denise- Demotte, IN
Jul 23, 2016
Beautiful Fish and Great Communication
This is my 2nd order and I couldn't be more pleased. You make the transaction so easy and smooth. You guys are top notch! Beautiful fish and great communication. I look forward to dealing with you again.
George - Phoenix, AZ
Jul 23, 2016
Fish Always Arrive Alive and in Good Shape
I have purchased from Mark a couple of times now and the fish always arrive alive and in good shape
Sean - Delhi, LA
Jul 22, 2016
Excellent packaging and beautiful fish
First time buyer and these guys make you feel like you've been doing business with them for years. They have a very personal approach that made me feel comfortable from start to finish. Excellent packaging and beautiful fish. I hope to do some more business with them soon. Thanks guys!
Miguel - Mableton, GA
Jul 16, 2016
I highly highly recommend
I have bought many times from Mark.He is the best breeder I have ever done business with. Always willing to take time and answer any questions you may have. His fish are the best shape and color I have ever received. Great breeder but most of all great person. Really cares about fish and your satisfaction.I highly highly recommend.
Jordan- Waunakee, WI
Jul 14, 2016
Awesome Job Packing
Both times I have ordered fish from Matt and Mark they were all alive and well. They do an awesome job packing the fish and keeping you updated on their status. You will not be disappointed in the fish you receive.
Matthew Nowak - Dowagiac, MI
Jul 14, 2016
Easy Transaction
I had the pleasure of ordering fish from Matt and mark recently. All my fish arrived on time and alive. My fish are still strong and healthy. I plan on doing more business with SOME FINS FISHY. Easy transaction and great customer service. Thanks for everything.
Shawn Orr -Des Plaines, IL
Jul 05, 2016
Beautiful & Vibrant
I've bought electric blue Rams, German Rams and Discus from Mark and Matt. The fish were always healthy , beautiful and vibrant ! The fish are not given color enhancing products like the fish at pet stores that get dull after a few days Matt and Mark have been extremely helpful with any questions I had. I appreciate the information they've given me and will continue to give my business to them as well as recommend them to anyone looking for fish.
Doug B., - Raleigh, NC
Jun 30, 2016
Healthy Fish - Great Packing
Healthy fish, uncomplicated shipping and excellent customer service are what I have experienced when ordering from Mark & Matt. Simply put, I trust these guys. I’m a repeat customer and will be ordering again soon. I’ve even experienced the dreaded “lost in transit” message on one of the orders which delayed delivery by a couple of days. Their packing is so good that when the box did finally arrive, all of the discus were alive. They were a little hungry, but otherwise doing well.
Jonathan S., - Wauconda, Il
Jun 29, 2016
Patient and Responsive
These guys are awesome! I'm lucky to live close enough to them to stop by and purchase fish. They are always very responsive and patient. I usually have a difficult time keeping Rams alive from the pet shop, but I have had nothing but success with their Rams. They take great care of their fish, and I highly recommend shopping with them. Great people, great fish!
Jennifer M - Whitesboro, TX
Jun 20, 2016
German Blue Rams
I order a LOT of fish online from a lot of different sources, and these guys are seriously the best. They are so good about answering questions and communicating in general, the fish are expertly packed, and they arrive after two days in the postal system in better shape than fish I have shipped overnight from larger wholesalers. If these guys carried a larger variety of fish, I'd never work with a different seller again. I'll never buy rams from any other source for sure!
Sanjay - Orem, UT
Jun 20, 2016
Healthy Babies
Received healthy babies, I like how patient they are when you ask them silly questions. I messaged Matt 3 weeks after I got the babies regarding few questions and he patiently guided me.. I highly recommend to buy from them!
Barb D.- Grand Rapids, MI
May 24, 2016
Great Service, Great Advice
I was having trouble with my tank and decided to ask Mark & Matt a few questions. They were able to pinpoint what I was doing wrong, and get me on the right track! They gave me great suggestions for new additions to the tank, and every one of them arrived safely and in good shape!
Robert F., Sioux Falls, SD
May 02, 2016
Fish So Healthy
I was worried about fish coming in the mail, but Somefin's Fishy handled it well - every fish made it and is growing larger every day. Thank you - Robert

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