Foods for Your Fish

Second only to water quality, probably the best thing you can do for the health of your fish is to feed them a variety of high quality foods. While fish can survive on flake foods alone, to really see them thrive, grow to their maximum size, show their best colors, and spawn on a regular basis, it is very important to feed them a variety of high quality foods, including flake, frozen, and live. All of our flake foods are from Brine Shrimp Direct or Angelfish USA. We have found their flake foods to be of the highest quality, highly nutritious, and the fish love them. In addition to flake foods, all of our fish are fed New Life Spectrum (NLS) pellets, frozen blackworms (from California Blackworms) and our own Beefheart Mix.

Live foods are also essential to raising many of the fry of virtually all types of fish. Culturing your own live foods takes very little effort, and can mean the difference between raising only a few fish from a spawn of fry, and successfully raising nearly the entire batch!

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FISH UPDATES - 10/01/18

The following fish are now available:

In addition to the Blue Diamond Discus, our new spawns of Blue Cobalt Discus and German Blue Rams are now ready to go!  Our Red Melon Discus will also be reay to go in about 4 weeks.  We now sell our frozen Beefheart Mix.  Please contact us for shipping arrangements.