Suitable Tankmates

Others may disagree on this, but Rams are generally pretty peaceful fish and get along with most other types of fish. Rams tend to inhabit to bottom of the water column, and unless feeding, they tend to hang out near the bottom third of the tank. Good tankmates for Rams include Angelfish, Discus, Apistogrammas, Plecos, and most of the smaller tetras including Neons, Cardinals, Rasboras, and Black Tetras. Essentially, any non-aggressive species of fish should do well with your Rams, as long as they can tolerate the warm water requirement of the Rams (82-86 degrees). Our experience with Rams suggests that Corys do not make good tankmates. Although they are non-aggressive, they do have a nasty habit of eating the eggs of spawning fish, and no matter how aggressively the parents defend their nests, the Corys always seem to win. This is not an all-inclusive list of tankmates, just a suggestion. Whatever fish you elect for your tank, just be sure they can tolerate the warmer temperatures the Rams need to do well.


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