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FISH UPDATES - 6/26/19

Our On-Line Store Is Now Closed!

Matt & I would like to thank you for your years of support and friendship.  After raising discus for nearly 12 years, Matt and I have made the difficult decision to back out of the fish breeding business.  When we began raising fish 12 years ago, Matt was only 12 years old, and we started this "hobby" merely as a way to spend more time together as the kids were growing up.  I like to say that it was a hobby that went terribly right!  We had no idea we would turn this into such a successful business.    We have sold and shipped fish to 49 out of 50 states, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.  Our success certainly surprised even us!!  But time marches on, and so does life.  Matt just turned 24 this year, and has a full time job of his own, and is planning on moving out this summer to live in the “Big City.”  I still work full time, and properly talking care of the fish is almost a full time job in itself.  Our reputation and the quality of our fish have always been very important to us.  Rather than jeopardizing either of those, we made the tough decision to withdraw from the business while we still enjoy a great reputation.

Having said that, even though we may be out of the fish business, we will still be producing and selling our beefheart mix.  We are currently producing between 180 and 200 pounds of beefheart mix per month.  That alone is a very time consuming process, but we will continue to produce and sell the beefheart mix as long as there is a demand.

We now sell our frozen Beefheart Mix.  Please contact us at for shipping arrangements.