Electric Blue Acaras

Electric Blue Acaras are the latest color variety of the well-known Blue Acara (Aequidens Pulcher). This color strain has only been available in the United States since mid-2013. It is unknown for certain if this fish represents a new hybrid, or a selectively bred strain of A. Pulcher, but their colors are truly amazing. The Electric Blue Acaras are very similar to the Electric Blue Rams in color, size and temperament. The almost uniform iridescent blue coloration covers the entire body and fins, just like the Electric Blue Rams. Both sexes also have a bright orange trim-stripe running along the top of their dorsal fins.

Electric Blue Acara

The Acaras do grow a bit larger than the rams, (approximately 4 inches) and are a non-aggressive species of fish that will not dig up your plants, gravel or rearrange your aquarium landscape, or harass the other members of your tank. These fish are sexually mature and will spawn at around 4 months of age. Unlike rams, Acaras tend to be great parents (at least that’s been our experience with them), and they do breed color true, meaning that 100% of their fry will also have the electric blue colors, unlike the Electric Blue Dempseys.

Like all of our fish, they have been tank raised in local tap water (7 gh and ph of 7.2 - 7.4).  We do not use RO water. Their care is exactly the same as the common Blue Acara, and they are eating brine shrimp, Spectrum pellets, flake food, and frozen beefheart. In fact, we haven't found any food that they will not eat.

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