Shipping & Live Delivery Guarantee

Shipping Policy

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Unless other arrangements are made in advance, all fish are shipped via Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS). We generally ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. (depending on where you live), but special arrangements can be made for unusual circumstances. We do not ship on Thursdays or Fridays.  If there is even a one-day delay, the fish will sit in the post office for the entire weekend.  In the event that a Post Office holiday falls on  a Monday, (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, etc.) your fish will be shipped on Wednesday.  Our goal is to ensure plenty of time for your fish to arrive safely, with at least one "delay day" in case of shipping problems. In cases of extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to postpone shipping to ensure the safe arrival of your fish, but we will always contact you first to find a mutually agreeable time. 

Shipping is a flat rate of $16 for up to 16 fish, anywhere within the Continental U.S.   For 17-25 fish, the cost is $20.  Heat packs are added (if necessary) at no additional charge.   All of our fish are fasted for 48 hours prior to shipping, so please take this into account when placing your orders.  In case of holidays, fish will be shipped on the Wednesday after the holiday. Please make sure that the name and shipping information on your Pay-Pal, Aqua-Bid, or E-Bay account is current and up-to-date. Unless you specifically request otherwise, shipping labels are printed directly from your Pay-Pal  account.  Our live arrival guarantee does not apply if the fish are shipped to the wrong address because you moved and did not update your shipping information.

Fish are shipped in insulated shipping containers using "Breathing Bags"and heat packs if necessary (included in the cost of shipping). If you are unfamiliar with the Breathing Bags, please take a moment to visit Kordon's website, so you understand how they work and you are not surprised when you see how little water they contain.


For your protection as well as ours, we prefer PayPal, but we will also accept USPS Money Orders if arrangements are made in advance.  When in doubt, just send us an e-mail.

Live Arrival Guarantee

We provide a live delivery guarantee on all fish sold.  We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that your fish reach you in excellent condition, but we also understand that despite the best of intentions, bad things can still happen.  Our philosophy is simple:  No matter what happens between our home and yours, it's not your fault!  You shouldn't be out any money for choosing to work with us. Refund or replacement is at our option, depending on the availability of replacement fish.  Most sellers that ship fish will cover the cost of the fish, but not the cost of shipping.  Our guarantee also covers the cost of shipping!  This guarantee does not apply if you fail to receive/accept the package when the first delivery attempt is made, or if the fish are shipped to the wrong address because your shipping information was not updated in PayPal, E-Bay or Aqua-Bid.  In the unlikely event that your fish are DOA, clear pictures of the dead fish, in their original, unopened bag(s) must be e-mailed to us within two hours of the documented delivery time (as noted by the USPS or FedEx).  Please make sure someone is physically present to accept the fish when they are delivered.  Obviously, we cannot be responsible for fish that are left outside or in a hallway until someone returns home from work.  If you're not sure that someone will be home when the fish arrive, we can always have them marked "Hold for Delivery."  When your fish arrive at your local post office, the postal authorities will send you an e-mail letting you know that they are ready for pick up.  Then, you can stop by at your convenience and pick up your fish.

We've Safely Shipped to All Green States

That's 49 out of 50, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico!!

**Please Note:  If you order fish from us, either through our web site, via e-mail, or through AquaBid, payment is expected within 7 days unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Due to the high demand for some varieties/species of fish, certain fish may be be very limited in numbers.  Once we receive your order, your fish are placed in a separate tank and marked as "SOLD", and are prepared for shipping.  Therefore, if you place an order for fish and payment is not received withing 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel the sale and make the fish available to others.  


Korton breathing fish

Do not float your fish in your tank as you normally would with regular plastic poly-bags. Kordon Breathing Bags contain no air, and only a small amount of water.  They work by allowing carbon dioxide to pass out of the bag, while allowing atmospheric oxygen to enter through the bag, thereby allowing the fish access to an unlimited supply of fresh oxygen.

Korton breathingbags

If you put the bag directly in the tank, the bag will sink, and you will only succeed in getting your arm wet having to "fish" the bag off the bottom of the tank. Simply remove the fish from the bag and place them in another container that you can float in your tank, or drip-acclimate as you would any other fish.  

  • We recommend that you keep the lights off, or at least reduced for the first 24 hours. Your fish have just spent the last several days in total darkness while they were shipped, and bright lights may cause them to hide for several days.
  • If you are placing your fish in a planted tank that is running Co2, we strongly recommend that you turn off the Co2 for a day or two before gradually turning it back on and increasing the dosage.  
  • Feed your fish sparingly for the first few days.  Remember, they have not eaten for several days and you don't want them to overeat.
  • We also recommend that you maintain your water temperature between 82 - 85 degrees for at least the first week. 

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